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About us
Gary and Claire MacLeod
Meet the Founders of Hosapp
Gary has nearly 20 years of experience in the global hospitality industry as a trained chef, working across the UK and around the world.
Claire is a hospitality professional with years of experience in the industry. Her journey began as a front-of-house waitress and progressed to management, reception, back office, and eventually hotel operations management.
Together, Claire and Gary have a wealth of knowledge and experience in UK hospitality and abroad. They are passionate about using their expertise to create a platform that empowers hospitality professionals everywhere.
our mission
Hosapp was born out of the frustration we experienced with the way the industry is turning out. Time and again, hospitality is disregarded, dismissed, and undervalued.
The reality today is that hospitality professionals don't receive the recognition they deserve from society, despite being some of the hardest-working tradespeople in the country.
Waiting for society or the government to help will never bring about the necessary systemic change needed. We realise that to achieve real and lasting change, it must come from us, the people who actually work in hospitality. Hosapp is a people-first platform built by people like you, who truly understand what it's like to work here and want to change the industry for the better.
"The ultimate goal is to unite the entire industry under one powerful platform for the benefit of us all. Together we can achieve this by uniting everyone, businesses and professionals all in one place."
Gary Macleod
Systemic Challenge
At Hosapp, we understand that the current job system is not working anymore.
The CV exemplifies one of the systemic issues we face today. The traditional CV format, conceived in the 1950s to highlight education and the length of time with the same employer, is now outdated.
For most hospitality workers education is almost irrelevant. In our industry, staying with the same employer comes at a substantial personal sacrifice because of the hours we work. We do acknowledge the sacrifices made for job longevity but we also recognise that experience should be the main focus. We designed our hospitality profiles to emphasise and validate your experience above all else. Gaps in employment or education don't concern us because experience is hospitality's currency.
We summarise your skills and present it in a user-friendly format for employers, allowing your experience to speak for itself while your profile updates automatically.
"Systemic change starts when we stop demanding traditional CVs from people and switch to an experience-focused method of assessing ability, skill, and references. Our technology offers a way for this to happen".
Gary Macleod
the Vision
"Our vision is to unite the entire industry workforce under one platform to bring about the most powerful hospitality network ever created. We can use this technology to enable us to speak as one industry with a collectively powerful voice. By creating partnerships with Hospitality leaders, we can build a vibrant industry with a strong future and a united workforce"
Gary Macleod
The Revolution
At Hosapp we realised early on that to revolutionise the industry would require a hard-fought battle and a powerful vision.
“to empower hospitality professionals using our technology of experience verification and displaying their skills and experience in a way that benefits everyone.”
The aim is to open the global hospitality employment market by providing all businesses, regardless of size, the confidence to find “experience verified” people from every corner of the world as an affordable service.
Gary Macleod
Validating your experience on a trusted platform starts here with you. Together we are making the UK a centre of “experience verified” hospitality professionals. We want to open doors for our people by reshaping the industry as we know it.
“One of the greatest experiences of my life was traveling whilst working in hospitality, but it wasn’t easy. With our platform, we want to make it easier for you by presenting your experience to employers across the world. Create a profile today so we can start validating your experience”.
Gary Macleod
Join us today and let’s help shape the future of the industry. By working together and leveraging our technology, we can create a global platform that benefits everyone. Let's make this vision a reality - Join now for free and be a part of the most powerful hospitality platform ever created!
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